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Medieval Table Workshop

Medieval Table Workshop- Dec 13th -kids (under 12)

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Date: Friday 13th December

Time: 3:00 pm- 6:30pm 

Price: 100 AED + VAT

In collaboration with Frying Pan Adventures, go back in time to explore medieval recipes from the region. Draw inspiration from feasts featured in books like 1001 Arabian Nights and invent your own seasonal dishes,all under the winter sunset of our farm.


What to Expect:

  • Nahla, a trail host and storyteller at Frying Pan Adventures, will share the team’s voracious appetite for stories around 14th century recipes.
  • The team from Emirates Bio Farm will take you on a tour of the farm. You’ll get to forage for seasonal, organic vegetables to take home.
  • Create a farm-to-table mezze feast using spices blends and herbs from the Deira spice souq.
  • Try your hand at inventing dishes and pairings using our collection of medieval recipes as your muse.
  • Enjoy  a feast of “ Madfoon Tuffahiyah” a slow-cooked, buried meat dish paired apples, dates, mastic and other findings from the medieval kitchen.

Whats included:

  • Guided tour
  • Hands-on workshop *
  • Sunset coffee & tea
  • Traditional dinner
  • Goodie bag 
  • Foraged organic vegetables 


* Kids under age 10 can participate during some aspects of the interactive cooking demonstration- under the supervision of their parents 

 Kids under 4 are free 

Please arrive by 3 pm to start the tour on time