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20 years ago our parent company Emirates bio fertilizer factory was established

Our Story

In 1997 our parent company Emirates bio fertilizer factory was established in the UAE with the goal of safeguarding the environment from the harmful pathogens and diseases brought about by untreated fertilizers imported from overseas, today the factory recycles animal manure and plant wastes in order to produce natural environmentally friendly organic fertilizers free of pathogens at a production capacity of 500 tons per day, supplying the UAE and exporting to a growing list of international markets.

In 2016, we are proud to have established the largest private organic farm in the UAE on a 250,000 Sqm facility to continue our founding principles of advocating for environmental protection, health and well-being of all UAE residents – a guiding principle which we embrace from the teachings of sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, the founding father of the UAE and An early champion of environmental protection.

Vision & Mission

To contribute to the establishment of a secure and sustainable food system that promotes the health of humans and environment in the UAE and in the global market, and to provide genuine, organic food and services for conscious and healthy living.


Our values are to secure healthy food, and conserving the sustainable natural resources in the UAE.


To achieve the highest quality standards in the field of organic food, and to contribute in building the main infrastructure of this field in accordance with the highest requirements and standards.

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